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Kyma Control of one Track on Multigrid

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I have a Multigrid setup with 5 Tracks. I am controlling 4 of the tracks with MIDI and OSC inputs. I choose the Sounds in the Multigrid in Kyma Control and control parameters using MIDI from Max.

I would like to control the Track 5 sounds independently in Kyma Control including choosing the presets. I can control the sliders and knobs but I cannot choose the presets. Is there a way to access the presets in the Sounds in Kyma Control?

This is the MultiGrid. Track 5 is not receiving program change or dice changes from MIDI. The other tracks are.


This is the VCS. I can use the sliders in Kyma Control but I cannot change the presets on the iPad.

Or am I overlooking something?



This is my KymaControl on the laptop where I can access selecting the Track 5 VCS to bring it to full screen.

This is what I see on Kyma Control where I cannot bring Track 5 to full screen on the iPad where I can change presets.

asked Nov 13, 2019 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by anne-la-berge (Adept) (2,170 points)
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Kyma Control can control the presets of whichever layout is currently showing in the VCS. To make the Track 5 layout display in the VCS, click the VCS button (It's the button with three tiny faders with red control knobs at the top of Trk5):

Please let us know how it goes. Thanks!

answered Nov 14, 2019 by ssc (Savant) (122,060 points)
Yes. That works great - to access the VCS of the specific track via the computer keyboard. In my performance setup I use the iPad with KymaControl and am not close to the laptop which means that I would like to toggle between layouts using KymaControl. My workaround right now is to make one track as big as possible on the Main VCS and use the faders rather than the presets.

I've added that screenshot to the question above.

The other solution would be to send a preset change message via MIDI specifically to that one track. I'm still trying to sort that one out.
In theory, KymaControl should always display the same VCS layout that the laptop displays, so if Trk5's layout is visible on the laptop, you should see the exact same layout on the iPad as well. Once you see it on the iPad, it should be possible to change its presets in KymaControl. (I tried it just now on my system and was able to change Up/Down arrow and roll the dice on the presets using KymaControl). Is that what you would like to do or have I misunderstood the end goal? Thanks!
Yes, the KymaControl works great when Track5 is the only VCS visible. When I have the Multigrid visible on the iPad I cannot select Track5 from KymaControl to access it when I am in the Multigrid view. I've added a couple of photos to show where my limitations are and circled the place where I would need to see the arrow to open Track5 and bring it to a full screen in KymaControl. Actually, it is toggling back and forth from the Multigrid view to a single VCS view.