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Recording separate Files in The Multi Grid

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Greetings ,

I have now Samplers in the Mutli Grid and i change the sounds by Program Change.

Would it be posiblle to record seaprate voice audio files to disk when using  Multi Grid.

It should record only the active slot .
All voices seperatlly .

best rastko
asked Dec 9, 2019 in Using Kyma by rastko-lazic (Practitioner) (410 points)
Hi Rastko, by separate voices, do you mean individual voice numbers in a MIDIVoice? Are your samplers MIDI keyboard controlled? Thanks!
HI ,

sorry if I was not clear :

"do you mean individual voice numbers in a MIDIVoice? "


"Are your samplers MIDI keyboard controlled? "


It is related to :

and I use the same method for Midi voices in one sound and it works great .

Now I have these sounds in the MultiGrid and would like each if the to record individual voices but only when they are active :-) .
I change the samplers (cells in the multi grid) via program change messages.

I tried putting the record to hard disk in each sound in the multi grid but something is wrong . They record all the time or something like that . Not sure it works properly.

I did manage to record each "strip" separately .
Routing it to a new one and having a disk recorder there.
But having voices separately would give me great possibility for mixing.

Now I will try to have all voices on each "strip" . Separated and the record the individual outputs . I have all together 6 voices so it is not so bad  but maybe there is a better way.

I hope I was more clear now as I said it is related to the above mentioned topic and the question is if this is possible to be used in the multigrid.

have a nice day


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