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Has there been any update on Ethernet use lately?

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And more specifically since Firewire has becoming even more scarce and Thunderbolt is not exactly gaining any momentum with pc's. Is it possible to connect Kyma to Pacarana thru Ethernet instead?
asked Jan 17 in Hardware & Interfaces by greg-grigoropoulos (Practitioner) (720 points)

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If you are running Kyma 7+ (the 64-bit version of Kyma 7), you can connect your Paca(rana) to the host computer (Windows or Mac) via Ethernet. Using a Cat6 Ethernet cable, connect Expansion Port B on the back of the Paca(rana) to the Ethernet port on your computer (using a USB 3 or USB-c to gigabit Ethernet adapter if necessary).
answered Jan 17 by ssc (Savant) (99,790 points)
Same here ...
If you did not save the original link, please send email to info-kyma to request another one. thanks!
Just out of interest, how would you connect a cluster of hardware when using an ethernet connection? In the videos I've seen they are daisy chained together using both ports.

Also, does this mean we can also disconnect the Firewire cable and only use Ethernet?
The Ethernet connection replaces the FireWire connection between the computer and the Paca(rana) so the FireWire connection is no longer necessary. Of course if your Paca(rana)'s soundcard uses FireWire you will still need the FireWire connection between the Paca(rana) and the soundcard.
This worked perfectly and is a great help for my setup. Thank you for the continued improvements.
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One additional point about using Kyma 7+ with an Ethernet connection instead of FireWire. If you are running KymaConnect on your Mac you only need that single Ethernet connection into the Paca(rana)'s Expansion Port B. You do not need to use two Ethernet connections. Use only the Expansion Port B connection!

answered Jan 18 by delora-software (Master) (3,240 points)
edited Jan 19 by delora-software