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Expansion B port and Ethernet

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I have a brand new Cat 6 RJ45 ethernet cable which is connected to Expansion Port B on my Paca and the Ethernet Port on my MacBook Pro. When I launch Kyma I am greeted with the 'Please turn on or conect your Paca sound computer'.


What am I missing? The Mac's ethernet port works fine and the Paca responds when using a FW cable. I am on the latest version of Kyma, the latest firmware and Mac OS 10.11.6.


Any advice?


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asked Mar 31, 2020 in Hardware & Interfaces by phelan-kane (150 points)

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Do you have Kyma 7+ or Kyma 7?

You need the former for it to see the Paca.

answered Mar 31, 2020 by simon-smith (Adept) (1,200 points)
Thanks Simon for your answer.

I have Kyma 7 not 7+ so that probably explains it. I do remember Carla mentioning it was in beta at Kiss several years ago (Oslo?) and I just assumed that it made it to a public release.

Any idea how I get 7+?


To move from Kyma 7 to Kyma 7+, use the link that you received when you first got Kyma 7. It will give you a choice of Windows or Mac OS and 32- or 64-bit versions. Choose the 64-bit version. Connect from Expansion Port B on the Paca(rana) to a gigabit Ethernet port on your PC using a cat6 cable.

Kyma 7+ is the current release (Kyma 7 is there only for people who need it for compatibility with older operating systems and computers).
Hiya Carla. T

hank you. I managed to find the link and complete the online form but when I click download no download commences in the browser. I tried this in both Firefox and Safari. I believe (and I may be wrong) that my Paca's SN is different from it was when it was first purchased due to repairs. I'm not sure if that's causing a download bug. My firewire ports are a bit loose so I was hoping to move to Ethernet.

Any advice?

Thanks, Phe, we have just emailed you an updated link.
All working! Thanks for your diligence.