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Dante routing error on built-in microphone

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I am using a Dante AVIO as audio interface for Kyma, trying to route my built-in audio on my mac to Dante network.  As you can see the output is running correctly but somehow Dante does not route my built-in microphone.  The error message shows incorrect channel latencies.  Anyone knows how to solve this problem? 


asked Apr 13 in Hardware & Interfaces by allen-wu (Practitioner) (360 points)
edited Apr 14 by allen-wu
Allen, have you asked Audinate support about this error? What do they say it indicates. It could be that there is a setting in their driver or in the Mac OS that would fix this?
Here is the reply from Audinate:

Engineering has identified the bug and also reproduced it!
The USB AVIO adapter is the issue. They are going to put it into the work flow for a future update.
If you remove the USB AVIO adapter from the equation, it should work at least locally.
Unfortunately there is no fix or workaround. The problem is the 10ms latency value in Dante Via.
DVS will work to transfer audio over to the adapter, but only at 6 or 4 ms latency values.
That also eliminates the ability to use the built in microphone and attached hardware.
You can load Dante Via on the 2nd computer instead of the AVIO, which would also fix it.
What is the audio workflow of your studio? I have added another Dante Via license to your account to make up for this issue.

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