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How do I add an embedded VCS to a new layout?

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I have created a new layout in my Sound and I want to add an embedded VCS to that layout. When I try I get a blank square in my layout which says "Please select a layout". 


I seem to be able to reliably add embedded VCS-s to my main VCS layout but it's hit and miss for me if I try and add one to a new layout I've created. 

Is there a trick to getting this to work?


Here's a screen shot of a test Sound where I managed to get embedding to work, relating to my comment below.


asked May 16 in Using Kyma by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (13,160 points)
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An embedded layout is a "viewport" that lets you interact with an existing VCS layout in another Sound.

When you add an embedded VCS layout, Kyma will ask which VCS you would like to show in the viewport:

The layouts you can choose from are existing VCS layouts of inputs to the Sound whose VCS you are editing.

If there are no other layouts, this question won't appear.

If you want to change which layout appears in the embedded VCS, unlock the VCS, select the embedded VCS, and, from the Options… drop-down menu, choose "Select a different layout".

To add a VCS layout to a Sound, select the Sound in the signal flow editor and choose Add VCS layout from the Action menu.

answered May 17 by ssc (Savant) (105,590 points)
That's interesting. That's not how I've been using VCS layouts in this case.

I have a relatively complex Sound with a good number of VCS controls. I only have a single VCS defined on the far right Sound of the flow. These VCS controls conceptually belong in groups with different numbers of columns so they don't clean up easily when they are all in the main VCS layout.

I open up the VCS editor window for the VCS and in it I create 4 new layouts. I go back to my main VCS and I cut (CMD+X) groups of VCS controls from it and paste them into the 4 new layouts so they are organised into layouts based on the number of columns they would naturally display well with.

I then go back to the main VCS and I create 4 embedded VCS containers one for each of my new layouts and arrange them in my main VCS. At this point no controls are directly in the main VCS only the four embedded containers. Also there are no other VCSes defined on any of the other Sounds in my flow, only the one main VCS defined on the far right Sound.

This works ok. But then I realise that as I use and re-use my Sound my main VCS will have other controls in it and when they appear they will mess up the nice relationship I've created between the four embedded VCSes. So what I want to do now is group these four embedded VCSes into a fifth container and include that in my main VCS.

I can create the 5th layout but when I try to add an embedded VCS to it I can't. It comes up with the window you show above asking me to choose one of the existing layouts but when I do all that happens is I get a blank square with the text "Please select a layout" as in the image in my question above.

In a test Sound I did manage to get this to work on the second attempt (that is two embedded VCSes inside a third embedded VCS inside the main VCS, with only a single VCS attached to the final Sound). I haven't managed to replicate this yet in the Sound I'm working on and I haven't worked out the sequence of actions that make this work or not work. (I'll attach the image of the test Sound to my original question).