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USB Audio Interfaces not showing up after latest Firmware / Kyma7+ / Ethernet Connect

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So it seems that my two generic USB audio interfaces, which were working perfectly before, are now (after updates) both not showing up. One is the AudioDamage ADM09 and the other is Percussa SSP. Both were excellent for interfacing the Pacarana with eurorack. Yesterday I switched to Kyma7+ and connected via Ethernet, which also prompted a Firmware update. I can connect to Firewire audio interfaces, but the USB interfaces are not showing up. If I connect Kyma to the Pacarana via Firewire again the same issue persists, so perhaps it is firmware related?
asked Jul 8, 2020 in Hardware & Interfaces by bendymusic (120 points)
We aren't aware of any changes to USB audio on the Pacarana in this update. Which version of Kyma were you using prior to this update? Thanks!
I'm not exactly sure, it was from about a year ago. Sorry I can't be more accurate. I have another USB device I can test with tomorrow, that's all I can think of doing at this point.
So after continued testing I have had a little success, but not 100%. The Pacarana cannot have *any* firewire cables or devices plugged in. The USB device has to be connected and powered first. Then Pacarana and then Kyma. I was able to get a small Art USB device to show up, as well as the AudioDamage ADM09. Yay! I was not, however, able to get the Percussa SSP to show up. Will try again soon. Any suggestions welcome.

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It seems that I cannot get my Pacarana to show up on my Mac via Ethernet anymore.

IIRC we are supossed to use the Expansion B port correct?

I've tried two different cables that at least one had worked before.


Here's my system:


Mac TrashCan (Late 2013) with MAC OS X 10.15.6

Pacarana running KYMA 7+ (7.35f1) - 4 July 2020
answered Aug 27, 2020 by michael-johnson (210 points)
UPDATE! Found out that I had a Firewall enabled on my Mac that prevented incoming connections from the Pacarana. Working now :-)