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Deactivate a sound/prototype?

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I'm building a large sound that is pushing the DSP on my pacarana. It's a sequencer with lots of OSC a number of sound generators and effects controlled by the sequencer. I was thinking that a really handy feature whilst working on a sound like this would be to be able to deactivate sound(s) which would keep them in the graph but wouldn't compile them. At present I have to save different versions of a sound with some sounds removed.

I was wondering whether selectable sounds reduced DSP when set to a different sound (e.g. a constant) but it still seems to take same DSP.

Lastly, my sound uses less DSP when in a multi grid, even when it's just in there on it's own. Why is that?
asked Sep 6 in Using Kyma by ghood (Adept) (2,850 points)

1 Answer

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If the Sound is in a Mixer, you can select just the branch you'd like to hear. (There isn't a way to jump over a Sound in a signal flow). Or, as you know, you use the Multigrid, which would let you switch between that Sound and pass through. Does your Sound generate a large number of SoundToGlobalControllers?

SelectableSound computes both inputs if the selection control is an EventValue; however, if you can make it into a constant value (or a green variable, set from a Script) it will not compute the unselected branch when it is unselected.
answered Sep 8 by ssc (Savant) (110,300 points)
Yes, lots of STGC are being used. Interesting re. constant value of selectable sound, that could help with debugging/testing DSP load.
SelectableSound is good when you want to choose between two branches with a compile-time switch. Sometimes I want to turn a branch on or off. In that case I use a Script with something like the following:

?DEBUG varIfTrue: [
    (inputs at: 1)
        start: 0