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Preset change in the Timeline

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Hi All,

I have a patch that I use a midi controller to change the presets. It works fine as a patch but when I put it in the Timeline the patch recieves the trigger but it does not change the preset? Essentially, I just put a few presets in a timeline to improvise around and I thought the preset changer would just work, but I am clearly missing something. Hope you can help. Here is the link to the timeline, it is the 4th patch along called 'Myo Slip Reson'

Hope you can help.


asked Feb 9, 2021 in Using Kyma by simon-smith (Adept) (1,160 points)

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Hi Simon,

You could insert a Marker at the start of each Sound in the Timeline (by clicking the down-pointing green triangle at the upper left controls in the Timeline). Double-click on each Marker to associate a VCS layout and a preset with that marker. When the yellow time cursor passes the Marker, it will change the VCS layout and preset.

Hope that helps get you closer to the behavior you want.

answered Feb 9, 2021 by ssc (Savant) (118,000 points)
Thats works perfectly, I was actually going to ask about the VCS too, but wanted to get the presets working first. This is great as it allows me to improvise within sections of the timeline.
Along those same lines, it could also be interesting to add a track above your existing tracks where you could place a WaitUntil over each section; that way you could stay in each of those sections for an arbitrary duration while improvising.
Yes!! I have done that in the past, it is great!! However, i did not want to go over time with this one and the time limit was useful ( it was my patch from the performance). I will add the wait until, going forward, to make this a template for other performances. Thanks for your help.S
I had a look at Simon's timeline. It looks like the initial problem was the timeline created a VCS that had each Sound (track) as an embedded VCS. The PresetChange Sound in one of those embedded VCSs was sending its changes to the global VCS presets (and there weren't any) rather than the embedded VCS.

What I wanted to request is that the preset Sounds (PresetChange etc) have a local scope within their embedded VCS. This would allow me to create morphing groups of controls by collecting them together on to an embedded VCS and using the interpolate presets Sound, while still having manual control over other widgets in my Sound. In fact I could have multiple morph groups. This would be a very powerful feature.

It would also let me sequence preset changes, creating a preset sequencer, which would have an effect on an embedded VCS, but not itself. So I could then save the sequence in the preset of the outer VCS... maybe I should ask this point about sequencing presets as a related question...
How do I sequence preset changes (and save the sequence)
Ok so this is following on from the Wait Until reply...How would I use Wait until to jump around a timeline? I would like to use a foot pedal to select which section of the timeline I go to next. How would I be able to assign a midi note to each section to allow me to selectively move around the timeline? Hope you can help. Best.S
I would start with one of the examples in
/Kyma/Timelines/ Timelines that wait loop & jump
To change a MIDI note to a ProgramChange (for jumping to a marker), you could use a TriggeredSoundToGlobalController.
Alternatively, a Multigrid might also be a good fit for this way of working?