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Multichannel live input into multigrid

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Hi Everyone,

This should hopefully be a relatively simple one, but I've been struggling to figure this out for some time so I thought I'd ask.

I have a bunch of patches that are 4-channel in, and 4 channel out that I would like to use with the multigrid, in a similar way to the 4-channel example multigrid in the Kyma folder.  However I am using live audio input rather than samples. These patches each have 4 x individual audio inputs that are processed in seperate chains before terminating in an Output 4 object.

The input options in the multigrid provide mono and stereo options for the various channels, but how do I utilise 4 channels of live input on the multigrid?

Also, I'd like to switch in further individual processing of these four channels via another multigrid track. How do I make all four of the 'audio in' objects into replaceable inputs to enable this? Or if the answer is to use a multi-multi object for the replaceable input, how do I split the four channels from there to travel down separate chains?

Thanks so much for any advice
asked Jan 8, 2022 in Using Kyma by jason-long (200 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Jason,

Here's an example Multigrid that takes 4 mic inputs, processes them, and has 4 audio outputs. As you suspected, you can use a MonoToMultichannel with a SelectableInput as its input (and set Channel to ?ChannelNumber). 


answered Jan 9, 2022 by ssc (Savant) (121,920 points)
Thank you so much for your response and for providing an example Multigrid - that's very helpful! I've tested it, and it is indeed processing my audio in 4 channels. However, this configuration creates 4 identical signal chains, each with adjustable parameters, but I'm looking for a method to create 4 individual/unique chains of processing. Is this possible?  I've tried using a SplitSurroundFilePlayer Quad as a replaceable input as in your example, but when sending it through multiple chains it just sends Ch1 to all of them, rather than fanning them out.