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reliable audio interface

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So i guess the title says it all. I need an interface to use with my Pacarana (kyma 7++) , preferably with an adat i/o, and with  as little initial setup needed as possible. Being 2022 my pc with the firewire connection has died, and i no longer have a mac around the house. If i would be honest the most reliable interface i have had with the pacarana in these 13 years has been a cheap Terratec aureon. It is very limited, it doesn't cover my needs, the sound is mediocre but it just works and makes working with kyma a joy. I had an impact twin that developed, a common but "unrecognised" by tc , overheating problem, an duet which was ok but only for mac, and now a motu track 16 which is a workflow disaster. No matter what starting sequence i follow, or how many times i rescan for it, it will either not show up or randomly disconnect and generally slow the system down and turn every session into a frustrating experience.  I've read many threads here about the motu but most of them were old, probably pre-7++ so i don't know if other people share the same issues.  Anyway looking at the list of interfaces and the setting up docs it seems that focusrite's and echo audio's interfaces might be as close to plug and play as possible.  Has anyone  had any experience with them? Are they indeed trouble free? Thanks!
asked Jun 14 in Hardware & Interfaces by greg-grigoropoulos (Practitioner) (790 points)
Hi Greg, Are you using Ethernet to connect your Pacarana expansion port B to the Mac? And have you disconnected the FireWire connection between Pacarana and the Mac (it is no longer needed and can cause confusion).
Hi, i am indeed using the ethernet expansion port b (but on a pc) and the interface connected solely on the pacarana.

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I use a MOTU 828 MK3 connected to the Paca(rana) using FireWire. It has dual ADAT. You can use it to interface the Paca(rana) through ADAT to another device, like your PC's soundcard, and at the same time also access the 8 analog I/Os from the PC's soundcard using the other ADAT pair. Alternatively, you can use the both sets of ADATs to provide the Paca(rana) with 8 I/O channels for sample rates 88.2 KHz or 96 KHz (SMUX mode). The MOTU 828 MK3 has been reliable and trouble free for me. You just have to make sure to not try to use it with its USB connect while the Paca(rana) is operating, and always power the Paca(rana) up and let it complete it's boot cycle before powering on the MOTU.

I have previously successfully used the now discontinued TC Konnect 48, also through it's pair of ADATs, much like I describe for the MOTU 828 MK3.
answered Jun 15 by delora-software (Master) (5,580 points)
Hi thanks for your input, if i understand correctly the 828mk3 is also part of the same generation of Motu interfaces with the track 16..Are you controlling the pacarana with ethernet or thru firewire?  If the track 16, isn't specifically more problematic, i wonder if it could be a cable issue. cheers
Yes using Ethernet. See SSC’s answer below for something to try.
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Some of the MOTU devices start up in USB mode by default (rather than FireWire). Please try the following:

When using the MOTU Track16 with a Paca(rana) connected to the computer by Ethernet (rather than by FireWire), use the following procedure for powering up the Track16: hold down the Mic1 button while pressing and releasing the Power button. Continue to hold the Mic1 button until the outward expanding vertical columns of indicator lights pause (roughly 5 seconds), then release the Mic1 button.

More details here:



answered Jun 15 by ssc (Savant) (120,590 points)
So i went through a number of cables and used the "mic1" procedure which i probably was using in a wrong way and everything works fine. Thank you. I kind of panicked for a moment there :) However seeing that Motu's track 16 especially with the necessary breakout box (for powering up) , isn't a portable solution, i wonder if i might still invest on an interface like echo audio's smaller ones for. Do you know whether these can be powered up solely by the firewire connection? Is there a firewire interface on could use in such a way or only usb interfaces?
Great that it's working now!
In answer to your question, though, the Paca(rana) does not supply FireWire bus power, so you'd have to use a power supply with the audio interface.