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hello world multigrid

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After realizing that some options only appear after error messages get shown, and that you need to get to one of those hidden at first and then won't stay closed windows to connect "Passthru" to the assigned channel outputs so audio actually flows thru from the Track inputs to the Track outputs, and that you always need to "start playback", I got a "hello world" patch kind of working.  (But? you can connect the "passthru" to any output regardless of the output set for the Track? What?  Why doesn't audio pass through to the defined Track outputs by default (after playback starts)?)

In my DAW of choice:  I previously had a stereo Send/Return Track set up as an "external audio effect" to/from an H9000 FX chain.  Now I also have a second "external audio effect" stereo Send/Return Track set up as "direct I/O through H9000" to/from a Kyma Multigrid Track, and passthru audio is working all the way "back" to my DAW.

Now what?  Using ideas I know from the H9000 Emote world, I would start playing around by dragging an "algorithm" or an entire "FX chain" into the multigrid track, either replacing the "passthru" widget or becoming the next link in the FX chain (widget in the list).  But Kyma seems to be much lower level than that, similar to a "VSig algorithm design" IDE (but for Pacamara DSP) maybe.  Close?

Whatever prototype widget I drag into the Multigrid Track seems completely isolated from anything else, can't receive, pass, or alter the Track's audio input, and can't be removed once on the Grid Track.  I have to "delete this track and everything on it" to remove any widgets I try that don't work for me. (and none work yet)  What is the correct way to remove unwanted items from a Grid Track? And how do I configure the (I guess it's called) VCS windows to stay closed after I close them?  I have to completely abandon whatever I'm attempting and open a "New Multigrid" to get rid of those damn zombie windows, and then, one wrong click and they return from the dead...  Why are those windows so sticky?  It's really irritating application behavior when the application "thinks" it knows what the human wants better than the human.  Hulk Smash.  I'm not concerned with "performance value changes" right now.  Whatever the default preset values are should be plenty to get started hearing the impact a "new effect" has on an audio signal.

But I can't seem to get anything to impact the audio input signal on its way to the output?

Where is documentation on "building your first "real-time xxx (sound?)" that somehow alters an audio signal on its path between Track input and Track output?  Or where do I find ready-to-run widgets like that, that actually operate or that I can easily configure to operate?

Is there such a thing as a collection of ready-to-use delays and reverbs for example?    I understand neither Visual Studio nor Unity IDEs come with anything equivalent to a ready-to-use "delay app" built-in,. for example, I'm just trying to wrap my head around the lay of the land here.
asked Jun 10, 2023 in Using Kyma by jon-williams (140 points)

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The "stack" of algorithms in each track are choices that you can select while the Multigrid is playing. You switch from one to another by clicking on it.

If you want to permanently remove something (rather than just by-passing it), stop the playback, select the Sound and press delete. You do not have to delete the entire track and everything in it.

To find reverbs or other effects, look in the Kyma Sound Library under Effects and processing. Sounds with a green arrow on the left can be drag/dropped into the Multigrid for processing the input that you have routed to that track.

Not sure whether you've come across the Kyma 7 video tutorials yet... For example, this is part 1 of a two-part session on the Multigrid:

There are also several videos on the Discord in the new-to-kyma channel.

And a quick start here:

Several other people in the Kyma community have similar setups to what you describe, so you might also want to ask them how they're using the Multigrid. There's a link to the Discord community in the Help menu.

See you there!
answered Jun 11, 2023 by ssc (Savant) (125,740 points)
Thanks, but what about written documentation?  

I don't do social media like discord, not a joiner unless forced to comply like here because I want to actually use the product I bought.
In the Documentation folder inside the Kyma 7 folder there is additional, written documentation. When you are in Kyma, you can also access the documentation directly from the Help menu. The quick start is also written documentation:

There is a chapter on the Multigrid on page 149 of Kyma 7 Revealed (in Kyma, choose User Guide from the Help menu).
Thanks.  I need to go back over the documentation I already reviewed and I'm completely lost in "mac UI land" trying to get used to Kyma as a Windows user. (and unhappy about it)

I really want to bitch about all the Apple-centric UI quirks I'm going to have to learn and keep relearning to maintain a "side-chain document" about in my head every time I try to do anything in Kyma.  But I erased all three rants I typed.