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Latest Kyma version no longer connects to focusrite liquid 56

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Hadn't updated Kyma for a while and after installing "7.42f3 (18 February 2024)". My Paca (serial 612) now has issues with my focusrite liquid 56 and cannot cleanly connect to it anymore.

Kyma itself is communicating fine via network cable to the Paca and the liquid 56 is connected directly via firewire which has been fine before I did this update.

After the latest update, even after various restarts of everything and turning the Paca on, after or before the firewire interface, I'm still getting the below issue.

When I choose the Liquid 56 in the DSP Status window. It will eventually connect to it after about 30 seconds and I will see light on the liquid 56 called "FW Active" turn on for a few seconds then turn off but once it has connected, the DSP usage in the DSP Status window for both 1 and 2 goes to max, there's a red "OUT OF REAL TIME" at the top and no sound can be produced from kyma.

It will also say the clock source is either internal or unknown when it should be external. If I try choose external (ADAT 2) then it will default instantly back to the silent device. Kyma does work fine with silent device though with DSP usage as expected, just doesn't work with the liquid 56 over firewire anymore.

The Paca is definitely seeing the liquid 56 properly as if I turn off the liquid 56, it dissapears from the selection on the actual Paca pretty much instantly and warns the firewire device is disconnected

Perhaps it's a firmware issue? Below are the dates for the 3 areas I can see and they do seem quite old :)

Paca OS: May 6 17:57:25 2016

Drivers:    Mar 12 18:17:19 2022

Compute: Aug 30 18:50:13 2021

Paca serial: 612


Thanks, Matt.
asked Apr 17 in Hardware & Interfaces by matt-bonham (120 points)
Hi Matt, could you please confirm that you do not have any FireWire connection between the Focusrite and the computer? (Should be FW between Paca and Focusrite.  And Ethernet between Paca and computer). Thanks!
Just double checked and the Paca is directly connected to the liquid 56 without the PC being involved. I also pulled out the cables and put them back again just in case there was a bad connection but still has the same behaviour. It sees the liquid 56 but just won't connect properly anymore. I'm happy to revert to an older version of kyma from 2023 (which was my last update before this) just to make sure the problem is software and not hardware. :)  The liquid 56 seems to be working ok still in standalone mode too.
Just an update. :)

After reading another post, I tried pulling the firewire cables out again and cleaning them a bit. After this, I did manage to get a stable connection but didn't get to try it as the power for the whole street went out lol ;) not my fault! Anyway, hopefully it's all working again now and will consider it fixed for now and make a mental note that it's not just xlr and Jack's that need reseating every so often :)

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