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How do I use the LinnStrument with Osculator. 7.04f2?

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Hi Guys,

I always use osculator to send and receive midi to and from my Pacarana via OSC.

If I connect my Linnstrument up in single channel mode everything works fine.

If I turn it to multi channel then Kyma seems to ignore all midi, including midi from other devices. The "Fake Keyboard" window still works. The only way I have found out of this is to power cycle the Pacarana!


Any one any ideas?


asked Nov 15, 2015 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by andrew-capon (130 points)
Ok Found my mistake number one, Z axis was turned off on the Linnstrument.

Now I have it turned on everything works as long as I play one note at a time.

If I play more than one note it causes all kinds of audio corruption, it is like the z value is being used from both keys but maybe to both notes or some such thing.
Have you tried connecting the LinnStrument directly to your Pacarana via USB?  When you plug in a LinnStrument, Kyma sets it to MPE mode so you don't have to set any modes on the LinnStrument; you can just play any Kyma Sound that has !KeyDown, !KeyPitch, !KeyVelocity, !KeyTimbre parameters.  Could you please confirm that you have the newest versions of Kyma 7 and the LinnStrument firmware? (If you continue to use OSCulator, confirm that you have bi-directional MIDI set up).
(Apologies SSC for posting twice)

I have the same problem I am on the latest version of both Kyma and Linnstrument (1.2.3) Also patchy playing response. I have tried directly into the Pacarana on both ports ( with no other USB connected). I have also tried with Delora Kyma Connect and without.



Hi Simon,

First, make sure that the LinnStrument is set to use USB rather than MIDI (GLOBAL SETTINGS button of the LinnStrument, MIDI I/O column).

Then connect the LinnStrument USB directly to the back of your Paca(rana), choose Rescan from the drop down menu in the DSP status window, then select the LinnStrument as the MIDI input device.

In the Kyma Preferences, please make sure that the MotorMix and the BCF2000 are NOT selected as the MIDI controller and that Continuum-compatible is enabled under Configure MIDI (in the DSP menu).

Then try playing a MIDI keyboard controlled Sound. It should work automatically.
Hi Simon,
keep in mind that you don't need any extra replicators anymore. Just load up a standard keyboard controlled Kyma sound.
I had to delete all the replicated MIDI Voices of my previous sounds created for the LinnStrument before this update because they are now obsolete.
Best is to start with a simple MIDIVoice sound. The LinnStrument should be configured by default correspondingly to your polyphony set in the MIDIVoice Prototype of the sound.
Thanks all for your help. I double checked all the settings in particular the preferences. I also downloaded the Linnstrument examples. I have a rather annoying problem as the first sound I select works fine but with subsequent sounds the response deteriorates leading to inconsistent response and mis-firing notes. I think I will take this up with Roger as I am not convinced my Linnstrument is working as it should. Thanks all for your support. Best

Ok I am a prize idiot...

Always remember to have Aftertouch switched OFF on the Pressure sensitivity setting on the Linnstrument..

Now everything works as it should. I hope
Right, no special modes or controllers should be set on the LinnStrument.  Kyma remaps aftertouch to continuous !KeyVelocity to be consistent with the Continuum fingerboard behavior.  (oh, and by "right" I meant right, you don't have to turn on Aftertouch, not that you are a prize idiot, a statement with which I vehemently disagree!)
You are too kind!

1 Answer

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Here are some set up instructions for using the LinnStrument with Kyma 7.

Please take a look at the page and let us know if there are any clarifications or additions that could make it more helpful. Thanks!

answered Nov 24, 2015 by ssc (Savant) (117,620 points)