Keyboard controlled Sounds in Kyma can be played using a standard MIDI keyboard (or other source of MIDI note events), using the eraser end of a Wacom pen and tablet, using the Keyboard or Tonnetz tabs within Kyma Control, or using a Soundplane, Continuum, LinnStrument, or Seaboard RISE, or a combination of several controllers.

Kyma automatically puts the Seaboard into MPE mode when you connect it via USB-MIDI. Once connected, any keyboard-controlled Sound on MIDI channel 1 in Kyma automatically sets the polyphony and responds to the Seaboard — no extra controllers are needed, and you don’t have to select a special mode on the Seaboard — it’s literally, plug it in and play.

Setting up the Seaboard RISE

When using the RISE (or any MPE keyboard), please configure Kyma as follows:

  • choose Configure MIDI from the DSP menu and set Continuum and MPE compatible to Yes
  • choose Preferences from the Edit menu, click the Performance button and make sure that External MIDI Controller is not set to either MotorMix or BCF2000

You can connect the Seaboard to the Paca(rana) in one of two ways:

  1. Direct USB connection to the USB port on the back of the Paca(rana)
  2. Via Kyma Connect, with the Seaboard connected directly to the host computer’s USB port

When using Kyma Connect, you must connect both MIDI input and MIDI output in order for MPE to work properly.

If you have connected the Seaboard directly to the back of your Paca(rana), choose Rescan from the drop down menu in the DSP Status window, then select the Seaboard RISE as the MIDI Input. To combine the Seaboard with other MIDI devices, select the Seaboard RISE as the MIDI Output and then select the combination as the MIDI Input.

Note that while several MPE controllers can be connected to the Paca(rana), only a single MPE controller can be selected at any one time (but it can be combined with standard MIDI keyboards and other controllers). The MPE controller can control Sounds that are on MIDI channel 1; other selected controllers can control Sounds on channels 2 and higher.

Note that the CM Labs MotorMix uses some of the same MIDI messages that many MPE devices use, so, in certain circumstances, the seventh fader of the MotorMix will not operate properly.