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MIDI Start/Stop Input

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hello everybody,

I know there is a prototype to send out MIDI start/stop messages to an external device.

but what if I want to send that Start/Stop message from a MIDI device to Kyma? that would be very useful for me to receive that kind of message into a SoundToGlobalController.

is that possible?

asked Jul 6, 2017 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by domenico-cipriani (Adept) (1,420 points)
can anybody help me with this?

1 Answer

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From your external sequencer you can send a simple switched on and off with a #CC and multiply it by your !BPM in Kyma.
answered Jul 6, 2017 by knut-kaulke (Adept) (1,390 points)
this is not exactly what I was looking for...
ok. I know it is a workaround. I use it for sending start/stop from a external software sequencer to kyma and it works very well.
I would love to have the possibility to send the start/stop MIDI message. It would help the flow with an external sequencer.