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Very new user: "No audio interface" error. Kyma 7+ only allows Silent Device in DSP Status

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Behringer Firewire FCA 610 with a Pacarana and Kyma 7+ for Windows 10. After downloading & installing Kyma 7+ with all updates on Windows 10, Kyma 7+ reports:

No audio interface is selected. If you would like to select
an interface, go to the DSP menu and choose Status. (You
can still record to disk and view the waveform.)

This warning is only shown once.

What I have tried:

1. Run Kyma 7+, then power up the Pacarana, then power up the Behringer FCA 610.  No go. SILENT AUDIO device only.

2. Shut down Kyma, shut down the Pacarana, shut down the FCA 610. Attach the FCA 610 to the Windows 10 computer by USB interface and update the firmware on the FCA 610 to the latest version, then fire up the Behringer control panel on Windows 10 and verify the FCA 610 is working and recognized. Exited the Behringer control panel, repeated step 1 above, no go. "No audio interface" SILENT AUDIO device only.

3. Shut down Kyma, the Pacarana, then the FCA 610. Tried a different firewire 800 cable. Repeated step 1 above. No go. "No audio interface" SILENT AUDIO device only.

The blue FIREWIRE/USB led on the front panel of the Behringer FCA 610 is lit. So it appears to recognize the firewire 800 interface is connected to the Pacarana. But the Pacarana/Kyma 7+ doesn't seem to see it.

At this point, I'm out of ideas.

Any suggestions?


asked Mar 20, 2022 in Hardware & Interfaces by brian-mclaren (140 points)

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Hi Brian,

First install the FCA610 on your Win10 laptop.

After installing, deactivate the FCA610 driver(s) on the laptop.

Connect the FCA610 directly to the Paca(rana)'s Firewire poort at the back.

Go upper left and go to DSP..

Choose in the dropdown: DSP status.

Left control dropdown: rescan


answered Mar 20, 2022 by roland-kuit (Master) (3,350 points)
Followed the instructions. Installed the FCA610 on the Windows 10 laptop using a USB cable. Opened Device Manager and clicked on UNINSTALL on the FCA610 in the USB devices section. Disconnected the FCA610 from the USB cable and connected the Firewire 800 cable to the FCA610. Then started Kyma 7+ in Windows and plugged in the power brick and turned the Pacarana on by pressing the control on the front panel.
Did a rescan in DSP STATUS. Still no go. "Silent device" still the only option.

More info: the Pacarana is connected to the Windows 10 laptop by ethernet cable in Expansion Port B. Did a software update to the latest version of Keyma 7+ after downloading and installing Kyma 7+ through the ethernet connection.

Should the FCA610 be connected to *both* the Windows 10 laptop *and* to the Pacarana by Firewire 800 -> Pacarana and USB -> laptop?  Or should the FCA610 be connected only to the Pacarana by firewire 800 cable?

The Windows laptop has no external audio interface connected. Does this matter?
Update: tried my old M Audio Fast Track Pro connected to the Pacarana via USB cable. Huh!  After a rescan, the Pacarana/Kyma detected the Fast Track Pro!  But absolutely won't recognize the FCA610.  Weird.

But, hey!  At least I've got audio out of the Pacarana!  Thanx!
"Should the FCA610 be connected to *both* the Windows 10 laptop *and* to the Pacarana by Firewire 800 -> Pacarana and USB -> laptop?  Or should the FCA610 be connected only to the Pacarana by firewire 800 cable?"

To the Pacarana Firewire 800 only.
Try powering up the Pacarana with the FCA610 turn off. Turn on the FCA610 after the Pacarana has completely booted.

Why? It is a hunch, but at least one other USB/FireWire interface will at power up sometimes enter USB mode if it does not see a host on its FireWire interface, even if its USB is not connected. Once it defaults to USB it ignores FireWire activity.

If you have the Pacarana fully booted it is querying the FireWire bus for possible interfaces, and that may signal the combo-interface to use FireWire before it defaults to USB. I do not know if the FCA610 works this way but it is worth a try.
Maybe the hints here help. According to that for FCA610 blue LED means USB; the LED should be red for FireWire ...
Thanks, Eckard, yes the LED turns Red when the FCA610 is in FireWire mode.
Holding down DIGITAL SELECT while powering up the FCA610 did it. The light turned red to indicate Firewire was selected, then powering up the Pacarana and doing a RESCAN on DSP SELECT detected the FCA610 for both audio input/output and MIDI input/output.

Thanks a million!