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How do you prevent a !HotValue from becoming an encapsulation parameter?

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I need to encapsulate a Sound that uses !RealTime, which is one of the special system eventValues (!HotValue). The menu Action "Class From Example" interpets any !HotValue as a parameter for the new class. Is there any way to force the new class to retain an original eventValue and not convert it to a parameter?

Additional information: The Sound that is being embedded uses !RealTime in such a manner that it would be easy to break the Sound if someone using the new class were to alter the created parameter, so it needs to remain hidden. Also, there are other special eventValues (e.g. !Random, !LocalTime, !Time) that would be nice to to use in an encapsulated sound without the new class having those as paramters.
asked Oct 31, 2023 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by douglas-kraul (280 points)

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We'll change it to exclude the system EventValues from the encapsulation parameters. (Available in the next software update)
answered Oct 31, 2023 by ssc (Savant) (127,080 points)
selected Nov 1, 2023 by douglas-kraul
Perfect! Thank you for such a fast response.