You can use the built-in Wi-Fi access point for wireless, bi-directional OSC communication between the Pacamara and other devices, even in locations where you do not have access to another network (such as on stage, on tour, or out of doors).

To use, attach the provided Wi-Fi antenna to the screw terminal on the left side of the back of the Pacamara. Next, select Pacamara from the Configure dropdown menu at the lower left of the DSP Status window to open the Pacamara Configuration window.

The Wi-Fi network name will be pacamara- followed by the serial number of your Pacamara. Set the password by entering a password and clicking Apply.

To enable the access point every time Kyma starts, select Turn Wi-Fi on from the drop-down menu and then click Apply. To disable the access point, select Turn Wi-Fi off and then click Apply.

Using the built-in Wi-Fi with Kyma Control

In the iPad Settings, tap Wi-Fi to see a list of accessible networks. Select pacamara- followed by the serial number of your Pacamara to connect to the Pacamara Wi-Fi access point, then enter the password you set earlier. (Alternatively, if your Pacamara is connected to a local area network, select that local area network.)

To use Kyma Control

  • Launch Kyma Control
  • Select the Configure tab to see a list of all controllable devices
  • Select: pacamara- followed by the serial number of the Pacamara you want to control
  • If you see two choices for your Pacamara, select the one using IPv6