What’s in the box…

  • Pacamara Ristretto Audio Processing Unit
  • Detachable Wi-Fi Antenna
  • 96W USB-C Power Adapter and USB-C 100W / 5A Power Cable (1.8 m / 6 ft)
  • Gigabit Ethernet Cable (0.9 m / 3 ft)

Integrating the Pacamara into your studio…

The Pacamara does not require a lot of space, just 215 mm X 210 mm X 45 mm (8.5 in X 8.25 in X 1.77 in). It can be placed on a desk, on top of a computer, audio interface, or other equipment as long as you do not place anything on top of the Pacamara that would block its air vents. The Pacamara is not rack-mountable, but it is one rack-unit high, so it can be placed on a rack shelf; we recommend leaving an empty rack space above the Pacamara to allow for sufficient air flow.

To control and operate the Pacamara, you will need a laptop or desktop computer with

  • Windows 10 or newer / macOS 10.13 or newer
  • Internet access to download and install the software
  • 4GB or more RAM memory
  • 8GB or more free SSD or disk storage
  • Gigabit Ethernet port for connecting to the Pacamara

If your computer does not have an Ethernet port, you can use one of the following (check with your computer’s manufacturer for other compatible adapters):

To listen to the Pacamara’s output, or to send/receive audio for real-time processing or synthesis, you can use one of the following:

To interact in real time with the Pacamara, you can use the Virtual Control Surface in Kyma, Kyma Control running on an iPad, or one or more of the following:

More details on how to set up your Pacamara…