To supply power to the Pacamara Ristretto, use the provided USB-C power cable to connect the USB-C power adapter (also included) to the USB-C power input port (located just below the LED on right side). The LED above the USB-C power port turns green when the proper voltage is detected. Otherwise, it will turn red, and the Pacamara will not start.

Power up the Pacamara before launching the Kyma software on the host computer.

To turn the Pacamara on, tap once on the silver button on the front. While it is initializing, the ring light in the button changes its color to indicate progress, and the fan speeds up to let you know that it’s working. When the light flashes pale blue, it’s an indication that the Pacamara is waiting for a local Ethernet connection. Once a local Ethernet connection has been acquired, the light will stop flashing and will turn royal blue; once the light has turned royal blue, you can launch the Kyma software.

To turn off the Pacamara, touch and hold the silver button; while your finger is on the button, the ring light changes color from pink to yellow to red and finally pale blue, when it will turn off. You can stop the shutdown sequence by removing your finger from the button.

If you prefer to automatically shut down the Pacamara whenever you quit the Kyma application, go into Kyma, choose Preferences from the Edit menu, click the Miscellaneous button and select Power off Prompt at File|Quit.

Either of these methods is preferable to turning off the Pacamara by disconnecting or unplugging the power adapter.

Please wait at least 10 seconds after turning off the AC mains power for the USB-C power supply to allow it to discharge before powering up the USB-C power supply again.

International outlet adapters

The supplied USB-C power adapter is international, meaning it can be plugged into AC outlets supplying voltages in the ranges 110-127V or 220-240V, at 50 or 60 Hz.

We’ve included the appropriate outlet-type based on your shipping address. If you are traveling between countries, you can use a so-called “duckhead” adapter such as the ones in the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. The “duckhead” is the removable corner of the power adapter that slides off so you can replace it with the attachment that fits the power outlets in the destination country.

Power supply alternatives

A 96 watt USB-C power supply and an electronically marked USB-C power cable is included with your Pacamara.

If you lose your power supply or want to use a substitute, a 45 watt or larger USB-C PD 2.0 or PD 3.0 power adapter will work. The Pacamara is programmed to utilize adapters that advertise 15 volts @ 3 amps (or greater) or 20 volts @ 3.25 amps (or greater). Contact Symbolic Sound if you would like to confirm whether a specific power adapter is compatible or if you’d like to purchase a replacement power adapter.

A special electronically marked USB-C power cable is needed for 20 volt operation, but for 15 volt operation, you can use normal USB-C power cables.

For example, alternative power supplies that work with the Pacamara include:

  • Satechi 108W PD desktop charger
  • MacBook USB-C power supply

The LED above the USB-C power port turns green when the right kind of power supply is connected. Otherwise, it turns red and the Pacamara will not start up.

Mobile power banks

For mobile use, the Pacamara can be powered by a USB-C power bank. For example, the following power banks are known to work:

  • Anker PowerCore III Elite 26K 87W
  • Anker Power Bank, PowerCore+ 26800 PD 45W