Solutions to the most-often asked questions

Computer unable to connect to Pacamara

Things to check:

  • Try starting up in this order: computer, then Pacamara (wait for front ring light to stop blinking), then launch Kyma.
  • If the front ring light is blinking, the Pacamara has not been able to establish a network connection on its Ethernet port. Double-check that both ends of the Ethernet cable are properly connected.
  • Are there any audio apps running before you start up Pacamara and Kyma? For example, the Loopback app, if it is running prior to launching Kyma, can interfere with Pacamara start up.
  • Check your computer’s Network settings or Network connections
    • The network connection to Pacamara should be set to IPv6 “Automatically”.
    • The network connection to Pacamara should not be VPN.

Unable to use the Pacamara Wi-Fi access point

Things to check:

  • If you have set a password, the length of the password should be 8-63 characters long.
  • Attach the Wi-Fi antenna to the Pacamara. Without the antenna, the Wi-Fi range is limited to a few feet.

Unable to turn on the Pacamara and the light above the USB-C power input on the back of the Pacamara is red

Things to check:

  • This can happen if the USB-C power supply has been powered off and then back on without waiting for the power to discharge. Disconnect the USB-C power cable where it plugs into the Pacamara, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in.
  • Confirm that you are using a compatible USB-C power source.